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Our Try Before You Buy service allows you to test out your favourite sex doll before you commit to purchasing it.

We have locations across North America, Europe and theMiddle East:
Including USA (Austin TX, NYC NY, Scottsdale AZ, LA CA).
Canada: (Toronto ON, Montreal QC, Vancouver BC).
Europe (Barcelona Spain, Paris France, Amsterdam Netherlands, Berlin Germany) and the Middle East (Tel Aviv Israel).

Sex Doll Robot kinkysdolls

What sets us apart from other sex doll stores is our try-before-you-buy program. We want our customers to have the chance to experience our dolls before making a purchase, ensuring that you get the perfect doll for you.

Robot therapy

Kinky's Dolls is the first Adult Companionship robots(sex dolls) Robot therapy Service in North America.


Human trafficking and prostitution are a big issue,

Victimizing Human beings around the globe!

We encourage anyone seeking the services of a prostitute for sexual gratification to consider Kinky's Dolls Companionship robots (Sex Dolls) as safe and victimless alternative.


Our Compnionship robots (sex dolls) being sanitized after each session.





Sex Doll Robot kinkysdolls
Sex Doll Robot kinkysdolls
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