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Ai Moaning Robot has The ability 

To excite you with moaning sound.

How does it work?

An Ai Device is located at the head of the robot and that's is the brain and the sound of this function .

There is 50 sensors located all over the body.

2 Types of sensors Movement sensors and Touch .

when ever you move the doll or touch her she will react to you based on the excitement and the feel

of your touch.


Ai Learning Robots 

Have the ability to communicate with you and learn from you as more as you talk the more she will learn our technology allows the robot to be free in her thoughts after she collects information she will have the ability to decide what she likes (You can always rest her back) 

Our development is more advance with more affordable prices from that other company 



We Worked hard and invested all of our time and money into building a brand new world,

the stage of Companionship robots (Sex Dolls) you are seeing now its just the begging of a bigger thing in the world of companionship robots Sex Dolls.

So Far we are a head of the game .

but the most exiting this is that we 6 month apart of  building an emotion database, allows the Companionship robots (Sex Dolls) to have more emotions with this upgrade neck and the moving arms. You see when human express emotions, it involve hand gestures. so thats why 

this the first body development we work on we do have proto type and will realese it soon

Legs walking robots we commit to a big supprise by the end of 2021


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