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Kinky'sDolls is the first Adult Sex Dolls Try before you buy Service in North America.

We grow fast as a business and with that our vision and morals about what they call "Sex Dolls".

we chose a different direction,

We want to change the term "sex doll"!

The new term Is "Companionship Robot"!


Our Mission :

1.To prevent Human trafficking and reduce prostitution by renting out the Companionship robots (Sex Dolls).

2. Help those who have difficulties getting companionship, by selling the Companionship robots (Sex Dolls).

3.Reduce sex crimes.


The service of  the Companionship robots (Sex Dolls). is For all genders.

 We are doing the best we can to keep our service and content gender inclusive and unbiased.


Our Companionship robots (Sex Dolls) goal is to provide intense pleasure and unique friendship.


Quality is very important to us, we are the only service that owns the factory of  the Companionship robots (Sex Dolls) overseas to assure that highest standards are maintained.




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certificate of conformity
certificate of conformity
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